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Name: Lily
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Profession: -
Where she lives: Welkin


Eye color: Honey
Glasses or contacts: -
Weight: 160
Height: 5'
Type of body/build: Curvy
Skin tone: Pale Cream
Shape of face: Heart
Notable features: Very expressive eyes
Hair color: Pale Blonde - almost white
Type of hair: Soft and fluffy
Hairstyle: Long to the back of her knees and wavy
Is he or she in good health? Yes
If not, why not? -
Physical disabilities: It's not really a disability, but Lily is sensitive to being around people when they are angry. Depending on how angry they are she can range from being slightly out of breath to being physically ill to fainting.


Color: White
Music: Piano
Clothing: Dresses, long ones.
Prized possession: -

Background & Family

Hometown: Arima
Relationship with mother: Lily has had no contact with her mother, Lithia, since she was born. Her mother imprisoned her in a jewel when she was born to keep her safe. After her and her brothers are freed she wants desperately to meet her mother.
Relationship with father: After Lily's jewel is stolen she meets her father, Liradon the fallen god of darkness,  and at first believes he really is there to help her. Later on she learns that he was the reason her mother trapped her and her brothers, therefore she is terrified of him.
Siblings: Yes. Ryouzen, Auron, Kigi, Caiden, Edith (deceased)
How many?: 4...well 5 if you count the one that died.
Describe relationship: Ryouzen is the one that is most protective of Lily as she reminds him of Edith. He's always making sure that she is safe; however Ryouzen is quick to anger and oftentimes causes Lily to fall ill because of it. Auron's relationship is complicated with Lily as she is extremely uncomfortable around him due to the fact that she loves him as more than a brother. Lily is friendly with Kigi, but is also slightly uncomfortable around him because of his love for pranks. Caiden is the one that Lily enjoys being around the most because he is the one most like her. Kind and gentle, Caiden is always there with encouraging words.
Place in the birth order: Ryouzen and Auron are the oldest at 22 and are fraternal twins. Kigi is the next oldest at 19. Caiden is 17 and Lily is the youngest at 16. Edith would be the oldest at 26, but she died at age 10.
Extended family?: Vixa and Nazura
Describe relationship: Vi and Naz could be considered her extended family considering they are the two priestess' that guard their jewels, and once Lily and her brothers are freed Vixa and Nazura are more or less the ones to help them.


Greatest fear: Liradon.
Why?: He is bent on destroying the other gods and making Auron his heir.
The worst thing that could happen?: Liradon manages to destroy the other gods, Auron becomes his heir and the world is subjected to eternal darkness.
Most at ease when: She is reading.
Most uncomfortable when: Around someone with a lot of anger.
Most embarrassing past failure: Trapped in a jewel for 16 not really anything.
Darkest secret: She is in love with Auron.
Does anyone know?: No.
If yes, did character tell them?: -
Greatest strength: Her ability to calm others.
Greatest weakness: Her lack of self-confidence
Biggest vulnerability:Her extreme sensitivity to anger.
Biggest accomplishment: Helping her and her brothers find her mother.
Biggest regret: Her inability to save the little boy Liradon had kidnapped.

Interpersonal Skills

How does character relate to others?: Lily is nervous around new people she meets, and hates being in a crowd, but otherwise tries to get along well with everyone.
How is she perceived by others?:Other than her intense skittishness, she is relatively calm, and has a soothing personality.
What do others like most about character?: Her cuteness, and her innocent outlook on life.
What do others like least about character?: Her lack of self-confidence and her anger-sensitive issue.
Information for Lily from Welkin, the story my sister and I have been working on for years.

Some of it may seem confusing because everyone in this story is so intertwined it's hard to explain one character without the other sometimes. So just keep a look out for everyone else's profile to get more info~ :3

Hmm, not sure what else to say. o-o;;

Welkin and it's characters (c) me and my sister.
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